Akashic Records – A Sacred Tool to Heal Your Soul

Did you know that the Akashic Records are a sacred compilation of information about your soul? In fact, at the time you made the choice to experience life as a independent soul, there was a field of energy created to record every thought, deed and action. That field of energy is the Akasha which is Sanskrit for the energetic substance from which all life is formed. Not surprisingly, when you are in the energy of your soul, you receive healing from learning the truth about who you are, why you are here and why events and patterns occur in your life. As the saying goes, ‘the truth shall set you free.” When you are in the energy of your soul and complete soul contracts, this is the deepest level of healing that you can provide yourself. Imagine the infinite healing possibilities.

Being in the healing energy of your Records overrides illusion of separation from “all that is’, which eliminates fear and allows you to be in a state of love. Love creates a state of balance, and dis-ease cannot exist in a state of balance. Thus, your Records hold the key to unlock a state of optimum health and unlimited potential, allowing you to re-member who you really are and were meant to be. It is in this state that you have the clarity to shift from passive to active participant in your life so that you are free to co-create with God.

Your Records allow you to re-member that your deepest fear is not being a failure, it is separation from Source and living in that power; the power to be all that you are. So, rather than asking “who do I think I am to be brilliant, beautiful, talented and so on?” Ask, “who are you not to be?” You are a beautiful child of God and hiding your greatness does not serve the universe or yourself. You were born to manifest the grace of God within you and when you shine this light, you subconsciously give others permission to do the same.

What information is appropriate for me to inquire about in my Records?

Since there are infinite healing possibilities while working in your Records, there are many areas that you may wish to focus on. For example, you may consider asking questions about: health; how to heal phobias; accessing and healing repeating patterns; healing soul contracts with yourself and others; accessing and healing past lives; life purpose; hidden gifts and talents; relationships; career/vocation/business direction and guidance; children and family; and, your potential future. These are just some examples as the possibilities are endless.

There are pros and cons to accessing witch doctor information in your own Records. On the one hand, it can be very empowering to facilitate your own healing rather then deferring your power to someone else and trusting that their filter is not getting in the way of receiving the most accurate information on your behalf. On the other hand, having someone else access information in our Records can mitigate the self-doubt that may arise. It is natural for you to question information that you receive on our own as you learn to trust your intuition and hear the messages from your guides, ascended masters and teachers. When you allow ego (edging God out) to get in the way, it creates blockages to receiving information that is intended for your highest good and soul’s growth.

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