Thai K1 Visas – How to Get Them

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K-1 Fiance/Fiancee Visa and how to obtain it for a Thai :

The K-1 visa is exactly what its name implies, a visa for a Thai to come to the USA in order to live with a prospective US Citizen Spouse. This is one visa that only a US Citizen may apply for so a Thai Permanent Resident in the US cannot bring a Thai to the US before they are married, but must instead get married and petition for a marriage visa.

The main portion of the K-1 Visa petition is the I-129f, which is essentially the application for the Visa itself. Along with this form other documentation is required including (but not limited to) proof that both parties are free to marry (they are both single) and evidence documenting the ongoing relationship.

Currently, it takes about 6 months from the time the US Citizen submits the K-1 Visa petition with USCIS to the time the Thai obtains the actual K-1 Visa at the US Embassy in Bangkok or the US Consulate in Chiang Mai. This timeframe is always subject to change depending upon both the workload of USCIS in the US and the US Embassy or Consulate in Thailand.

In order to get the process started the US Citizen fiance must submit the K-1 Visa Petition to the USCIS Service Center with jurisdiction over the US Citizen’s place of residence. Depending upon which state the US Citizen lives the petition will be submitted to either the USCIS Service Center in either Vermont or California.

USCIS will send a letter after submission called Notice of Action 1. This letter will basically tell the petitioner, “we have received your request for a visa for your and we will process it as soon as we can.” It will generally take about 2-3 months for USCIS to process the petition. Oftentimes USCIS will reject a petition because the petition was filed with incorrect documentation or insufficient documentation. For this reason it may be wise to have an attorney prepare the USCIS petition.

Once a US Citizen submits the I-129(f) petition at USCIS the wait begins. It usually takes USCIS about 2-3 months to process the I-129f petition. However, the time it takes to process the petition depends upon where the petition was filed. At the time of this writing the Vermont Service Center has a faster processing time than the California Service Center while filing in Bangkok can expedite the process greatly if the US Citizen is entitled to file there.

After USCIS finishes processing the I-129f petition they will send the petitioner, or his attorney, what is called Notice of Action 2. This document essentially states, “We have finished processing the petition and we have approved/denied it.” If the petition is approved it will be forwarded to the National Visa Center.

At the National Visa Center (NVC) the Thai ‘s I-129f petition will be further processed. Basically, NVC does a background check to see that the Thai beneficiary of the K1 Visa is who she says she is and is not someone who should be excluded from the USA. It usually takes NVC approximately 4 weeks to process the petition at which point they will contact the US Citizen, or his attorney, and tell him that the petition is being forwarded on to the US Embassy in Bangkok or the US Consulate in Chiang Mai. In this letter they will also give the couple a BNK number. This number is the Thai ‘s ID number for the US Embassy or Consulate, she will need this number in order to obtain an interview appointment and it will make all correspondence with the US Embassy more convenient as it can be used as

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